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AON Smart Building

  • Digital Consultancy
  • UX, UI, Art Direction

Starting point

Aon is the leading group in Italy and worldwide in risk and human resources consultancy, insurance and reinsurance brokerage. The Group is present in Italy with over 25 main offices and 1500 employees. Always attentive to innovation in the dynamic insurance market, Aon turned to KEYWE for advice on the Phygital Experience of the new workspace in Milan, a real Smart Building. This ambitious project involved different actors and skills, from architects to system integrators.

The project

KEYWE drew up the tender specifications for the search and selection of the most qualified suppliers to create solutions for the management and control of the Smart Building. The strategic consultancy involved the design of the technological set-up, the analysis of the technical requirements according to the customer’s specifications, the definition of the User Experience, the analysis of the security management policies of the physical spaces and the design of the basic infrastructure for integrating all the technologies. Once the project team was identified together with the customer, KEYWE dealt mainly with the User Interface Design and collaborated with the System Integrator on the development and implementation of the applications.

The results

KEYWE designed the graphic interface of the web and app platform called Aon One Booking: an integrated workspace management solution that meets the needs of booking, monitoring and managing collaborative spaces such as meeting rooms, workstations and parking. For the management of visitors, KEYWE designed the interface of the Aon One Visit application that allows guests to check-in and check-out in compliance with company policies.

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