E-Catalogue B2B

Gotha, Web App

  • UX, UI, Art Direction
  • E-Catalogue development
  • Face Tracking

Starting point

Gotha Cosmetics chose KeyWe to design “e-Inspirator”, the company’s B2B Web App. The aim was to create an innovative and practical sale’s tool that would allow the digital consultation of a wide range of products during trade shows and in the showroom.

The project

KeyWe designed and developed a web platform supported by all devices, both desktop and mobile, from interactive totems to touchscreen displays. KeyWe created “i-Makeup” to increase engagement of attendees during trade shows, allowing them to virtually apply make-up through the platform’s tools such as face recognition and 3D mapping.


The digital catalog allows users to consult a wide range of products through an emotional experience, using textual search and category-matching filters. Registered users can also save personal lists of products, and also share and print sheets for individual products.


The platform can detect the user’s features with Face Tracking technology, powered by the regular cameras available on any device. This allows Gotha Cosmetics to entertain their customers, while offering them the opportunity to easily try a wide range of products with a few taps.

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