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  • UX, UI, Art Direction
  • Digital Identity & Company Profile
  • Digital Showroom

Starting point

Nexi asked us to design an engaging, innovative immersive experience that would illustrate its new range of digital payment solutions. The idea was to create new ways of interacting with stakeholders within the Nexi digital showroom and during annual corporate events.

The project

After strategic analysis, KeyWe designed an ambitious project for Nexi in which customers become the protagonists of an experience that hovers between physical and digital. Equipping the digital showroom meant producing two interactive touch tables created from the ground up by KeyWe, both in terms of product design and software development. In addition to exploring various Nexi products, RFID readers let users compare the characteristics and benefits of Nexi cards.

The results

Following the success digitising the experience offered to stakeholders of Nexi events, the client once again turned to KeyWe to design and develop a web app for such events. Through it, users can easily access supporting information and materials.

“Grazie a KeyWe abbiamo consentito alle nostre Banche Partner di toccare con mano l’innovazione che insieme a loro porteremo sul mercato nei prossimi mesi. È stato anche un modo innovativo di comunicare e rendere tangibile il nostro posizionamento di PayTech delle Banche”

Erika Fattori
Head of Brand & Communication – Nexi

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