Banking and financial services


  • Art Direction & 3D Design
  • Personalized video
  • App & Gaming

Starting point

Findomestic came to KeyWe looking for a series of promotional and infotainment options, key tools to promote the increasingly responsible use of credit lines with complete peace of mind. The goal was to capitalise upon Findomestic assets in the best way possible while meeting consumer needs through new means of interacting with the banking world.

The project

Among the many activities we manage for Findomestic, the PerCorsi app stands out: an easy-to-use tool designed to simply and directly foster a better understanding of finance among all users, and provide them with information about savings. KeyWe also created 8 interactive videos that are full of useful facts, plus two mini-quizzes that help users test their knowledge on the topic.

Personalised videos

Via a newsletter and SMS messages, clients can access a personalised video full of information, opportunities and promotions according to their contract type, card and activated services. Thanks to an innovative platform, each video is populated and customised in terms of its text, images and audio with data coming from the CRM, encouraging the client to complete an action within his/her personal Findomestic user area.


Mediastar: 1st place section Adv on Line – category DEM – project Video DEM Findomestic
Mediastar: 1st place section Adv on Line – category Advergame – project Findomestic Giochi Pillole Percorsi
BNP Paribas: Innovation Awards 2014 – BNP Paribas Group – project Findomestic App Percorsi

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